Elena Kuprashevich: “as a child I loved to play war”

Елена Купрашевич: «В детстве любила играть в войнушку»

Actress TV series “Streets of broken lights”, the only girl in serial killer the police Department, responded to questions of readers “Antenna”.

– For the passion of hand-to-hand combat and physical resemblance to the heroine of the series “La femme Nikita” you call the Russian Nikita. Why love such an unfeminine sport?

Елена Купрашевич: «В детстве любила играть в войнушку»

— Only recently learned that I have such a nickname. Very flattering. As for melee, I not that he was a bully, but he loved to play war, was friends with the boys, all the fences and trees climbed. I got older I realized that sometimes I’m scared to walk the streets, they asked friends to teach me self-defence. ‘ve been training for three years and I want to the gym. Not to say that can easily put a man down, but became much more confident in myself and fight back if necessary, ladies.

– Now in Vogue proper nutrition. What type of diet you adhere to?

Елена Купрашевич: «В детстве любила играть в войнушку»

Because of my busy work schedule I have no routine, no diet. Protein and fiber – what I cannot restrict. But don’t eat is fried, fatty. And I would like to reject salt, but not always. Grandma’s potatoes with mushrooms and my mother’s pancakes with meat – dishes that are maddening. Rarely allow themselves such pranks and after I know what to expect a couple days of discharge.

– No have you dreamed of a military career or the employee of the Ministry of internal Affairs?

Елена Купрашевич: «В детстве любила играть в войнушку»

— Women in uniform are really close to me in spirit, and I would like to share them with the audience. Repeatedly visited thoughts go to serve, due to my profession these desires have partly come true – I play a homicide detective.

– Who is your ideal man?

Елена Купрашевич: «В детстве любила играть в войнушку»

— A really perfect man, only one – my dad. With regard to the concept of an ideal man should be intelligent, wise, mentally strong, able to make decisions. He is the head of the family, for this you need certain skills to maintain and not be afraid of women’s tears. I was lucky, I’ve been married for many years and my husband like that!

– You are always very appropriate and beautiful wearing jewelry and jewelry. Give advice, learn how to choose jewelry.

Елена Купрашевич: «В детстве любила играть в войнушку»

— Expert in this matter, I wouldn’t have called. Take into account the time of day and is unlikely to wear a gold necklace for Breakfast. Of course, an important sense of proportion and taste. If you do not know what to wear, win – win situation- this pearl necklace and earrings-ear-stud. They give the image of femininity, tenderness, neatness and freshness.

The first season of the series “Streets of broken lights” was released on 4 January 1998. You watched it then? Thought going to star in it?

Елена Купрашевич: «В детстве любила играть в войнушку»

— “The street” was very fond of my dad, we watched the show as a family. Do I think that ever is going to play, and even with such actors as Alexander Polovtsev, Mikhail Trukhin? It was the most incredible thing. Even thoughts did not arise. Many years later, when I was invited to the show to be the senior Lieutenant Margarita Potapenko, it has become an event not only for me but for the whole family.

– Almost all your heroines have backbone and power. And you what is strong or needs to be protected?

Елена Купрашевич: «В детстве любила играть в войнушку»

— Many of my heroines, I would like to be like. Aspire to this, but, of course, like any woman, I need protection. We all need a strong shoulder to lean on. No matter, we have core or not, mild or strong-willed we are, we are women.

– Have you ever been in a police station outside of filming?

Елена Купрашевич: «В детстве любила играть в войнушку»

— As a prisoner? Fortunately, I was there in such a role has never been, and hopefully, I won’t. I have friends who work in the police. Went to visit them, saw how everything actually works.

– Whether you are fond of some female Hobbies: cooking, knitting?

I love to cook, I like to constantly surprise her husband. Doing all those dishes that she does not allow is, and keep asking: “Really tasty?” Experimenting with spices, complicated recipes. I love to sew clothes for themselves, and make Teddy bears, fond of decoupage. At the moment master painting and gardening – to grow tomatoes on the window.

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