Elena Kuletskaya took the daughter abroad

Елена Кулецкая увезла дочь за границу Model whole family went to Cyprus. Elena Kuletskaya decided to arrange for his five-month-old baby the journey in a warm country. The celebrity is happy to share all the details of families with small children with its subscribers, which include many young mothers.

      In may this year, the famous model Elena Kuletskaya first became a mother. The celebrity gave her husband Stanislav Romanovsky, daughter nick. Kuletskaya regularly shares with his followers on the microblog events in the life of a little girl, and also talks about what she has to face in the first months of long-awaited motherhood. The other day a famous model together with her husband decided to arrange a trip for my daughter. The family went to Cyprus. Nick first saw the sea and enjoy basking in the sun on the beach.

      “Travelers in full force. Later there will be a castling of the composition. Change the dad to grandma, and we hang out with the girls. While coping without nannies. But I must admit that is the most interesting entertainment for Nicky – a bit of tissue, cloth and your Cam” – told about the beginning of the holiday Kuletskaya.

      Fans with interest each picture Elena from holiday in Cyprus and actively comment on the publication of the model. They are happy that the young mum decided to take daughter to the first trip. But most of them struck by the fact that the parents do an excellent job with the baby, not turning to the assistants.

      “You are very beautiful. Looking at you, I want to believe in love, be happy!”, “Well done, and now all babysitters while the girl is small, she needs a mother, not a babysitter, not a nanny! I was thinking among the media people will not see this, you are my heroes!” – hastened to admire kuletskoy followers.

      Also, fans began to question a celebrity some details of stay of the celebrity family abroad. Fans know that Elena frequently responds to his followers on the microblog and happy to share their interesting information.

      Apparently, the daughter of a General feeling abroad. Elena is happy that the girl is naughty and gets pleasure from the trip. This model is also noticed that the beach resting quite a lot of parents with young children. “Nick, it is the sea. Sea, this is nick. Met. Each other liked. In any case, we smile and laugh,” – said in a microblog Kuletskaya.