Elena Kuletskaya told how became a mother

Елена Кулецкая рассказала, как стала мамой The Russian model gave birth to a girl in the night from Saturday to Sunday. Was born baby girl nick. Elena told how everything went and thanked the doctors for their assistance.

      Елена Кулецкая рассказала, как стала мамой

      Elena Kuletskaya first became a mother on Sunday night. The girl was born healthy. The baby weighed 3.85 kilograms, her height is 55 inches. The baby was named Nike. The doctors of the clinical hospital “Lapino” did everything to kuletskoy birth went without any problems, so happy tonight mommy can go home. The presenter thanked the doctor for his page in the social network and describes in detail the birth.

      “Sergey Igorevich, thank you for your Golden hands, professionalism and a gift from God, and for your support for such easy and clear instructions! Thanks to You I feel like I arrived at the resort, where took a little bit of work to do!”, – wrote under the picture with the doctor model.

      According to kuletskoy, her contractions started during the “Eurovision”, the whole birth process lasted 12 hours. In three hours the night she called the doctor and going to the hospital. “We arrived in Lapine, quietly passed all the necessary training and is located in the block. Some time I frantically clutched her husband’s hand, naively believing that without EA. Then decided to pause and not to suffer, making pain management for the time up to “X”. Then the anesthesia had left, and had to step it up. Our baby turned out great, but the doctor did everything to give us to appear on their own. Clearly explained how to proceed. I was really asking, so no cuts. The result – even without breaks, not counting the severed hands from my persistent husband Stanislav Romanovsky, who encouraged me as only he could,” said Elena.

      The leading was so pleased with how her first birth went that jokes that in this place and she is ready to have a second child. Joyful mom already showed fans a birth certificate for the baby, where it says her surname, name and patronymic: Romanovskaya Nika Stanislavovna.

      Originally Kuletskaya was determined to give birth abroad, but then decided that home is much better. During pregnancy Lena led an active lifestyle and even participated in a fashion show. However, the star suffered from insomnia. Kuletskaya complained to their subscribers that can’t sleep more than six hours. For convenience, the model even purchased a special pillow for pregnant women, but it didn’t help normalizati sleep.

      Elena Kuletskaya complained of complications during pregnancy

      Unlike other stars Lena didn’t go to school the mothers’, because they preferred to learn everything herself after the birth of my daughter. In the early days she showed some moments of treatment with the Nike doctors clinic. Husband of Lena Stanislav will also be around to help the young mother.

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