Elena Kuletskaya thought about the birth of her second child

Елена Кулецкая задумалась о рождении второго ребенка
The model reflects on how to become the mother of a child pogodak.

Elena Kuletskaya

Photo: @Instagram elenakuletskaya Helena kuletskoy

Elena Kuletskaya is in thinking about how to decide on the birth of her second child. Here is only a model of the mind that in this case she will have children the same age and she’s not sure she will be able to cope with them. The idea of second pregnancy pushed her meeting with Anastasia Stotskaya, who is about to become a mother for the second time. To assess the chances of success, she asked for advice from their fans.

“So come between the perfect in the perfect position, and the hint will appear! The mother of two more, you as soon on second thought? And the same age is always a surprise, or a planned story?” — asked Elena.

Among other things, about being a mom again Elena for the first time immediately after the birth of a daughter Nicky in may last year. The next day after discharge Kuletskaya told in social networks, which so much pleased the doctor, took delivery that they are ready to immediately “run to him for a second”. “Here had to step it up! Our baby turned out great, but the doctor did everything to give her the opportunity to appear on their own, — said Elena. — I asked him to do without incisions. Thanks to his clear instructions I didn’t even have breaks and stimulation by hormones! Not counting the “cut off” the hands of my persistent husband who cheered me on as I could. Anyone who asked me: “how was it?”, can answer: for the second tomorrow! But only your doctor!”