Elena Kuletskaya summed up the year

Елена Кулецкая подвела итоги года
The model told about their achievements in 2016.

Elena Kuletskaya

Before the New year celebrity traditionally take stock of the year: whether he was, or worse.

For example, Elena Kuletskaya in his Instagram said, how was it 2016. Post it is clear that the actress
tried to remember everything. The main thing that happened with the model in 2016 — the birth of a daughter Nicky. “It has become a tradition in December to write how terrible
was the year, “soon he was gone,” as if changing a single digit in
the date everything will change magically. I have this habit before
the New year is sure to recall all the good things that happened in
year, even the little things that left a good mark in the memory.
Travel, meetings, achievements, a successful purchase in the end… and well
do it out loud, gathered around the table of the company. We are not accustomed to tell
about their achievements, we are ashamed to show off. But it’s worth a try, it helps
put your head in a creative way. Only the habit has a large
the probability of nothing good to remember, but it certainly has.. so
better to warn everybody beforehand, and to think (to look at the archive photos
shake forgotten), says Kuletskaya. And in 23 hours, after the departing year,
to say “thank you” for what was, adding something specific (but not
worthy of becoming a cherished new year’s wishes), what would like to achieve in the new
year. Maybe it will become your Christmas tradition? Of course, the birth
a child is the great happiness. This year I gave nick, of course, and opened
for me, Cyprus and Vladivostok”.