Елена Кулецкая решила проблему с грудным вскармливанием
The presenter told what to do, if the young mother began to disappear and the milk.

Elena Kuletskaya

Some time ago, Elena
Kuletskoy having problems with breastfeeding — at the presenter became
disappear milk. Deciding this question, the star was quick to share with
fans, what if a young mother was in the same predicament.

“Ten days ago, my daughter started
a loud and long cry — shares model. — Calm down nick, it was almost
impossible. Absolutely everything in my surroundings (and surrounded by the environment)
categorically stated that not enough milk, the baby is hungry. I started to worry
this issue and noticed that milk was less, nick’s does not fall off from the breast,
and nervously grumbled. In this situation, it is important not to panic. All nervous
advisers for the door! Even if you have to get tough. Your peace of mind —
the key to prosperity. Do not despair if you need doorlevel baby the second breast,
don’t be afraid that the next feeding will be all empty. Latch on the baby to
breast more frequently and the milk will come. We three-hour interval (this was
demand) was reduced to half to two — as requested by nick. Be sure
well eat themselves. I drank the tea that stimulates lactation. In a few days we
back to the previous three-hour period. By the way, the reason for crying was just gas. This problem
I also decided. Apart from medicines and teas to treat gas,
I did a gentle massage of the tummy: led hand clockwise and left side
along the intestines down. When nick crying heavily, to calm down helps wearing
baby down: hand warms the tummy and it relaxes. At night before bed — drop
excretory gases from the body and grelecki of the cherry pits on her tummy — she
longer keeps the heat of the ironed diaper cools down again. Now the jeep all
still have. Say, “princesses do not fart, but I don’t agree with it
and gives just artillery fire! However, cramps started to bother much
less. Now it is a brief periodic attacks without crying when the person
becoming purple”.

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