Elena Kuletskaya revealed details of a new pregnancy

Елена Кулецкая поделилась подробностями новой беременности
The model told when the baby will be born.

Photo: Instagram

It became known yesterday that Elena Kuletskaya again going to become a mother. The model itself told fans, as he felt that to continue to hide there’s no point. The star appeared at the prize devoted to the most stylish people of Russian show-business, in a slinky dress. Funny, but in that time no one suspected it in “interesting position”.

“I even went to the photographers after the red carpet and asked if you could see the belly — laughs Elena. — And they nedoumevala looked at me. “That is in your photos I just look fat?” — I asked”.

Kuletskaya says that no one has nothing to hide, just don’t advertise it. As it became known, now the model is on the 21st week of pregnancy. This means that the baby will be born around the end of August — beginning of September.

“Despite a decent time, I’m still shocked, — confessed the star. — No, we certainly knew where babies come from, and even in the Grand dreams making plans for a two-year interval, but… Two strips of steel a surprise to me. Prompted, by the way, urgently to stop the “milk shop”. Yes, not Vice versa, as some have suggested. It took me a week to go to the doctor for confirmation. And then… had to hold out for a week to confess to her husband, thus preparing him with a magical surprise for the New Year. Is such a gift!”

Elena also admitted that the first pregnancy and the second is two completely different States. Especially when you are expecting a child in the company of a small child. In may, Nick will be only 2 years, so dreams of Helen and her husband Stanislav Romanovsky — about a two-year break — accidentally true.