Elena Kuletskaya mini celebrates daughter’s birthday

Елена Кулецкая празднует мини день рождения дочери
Nick was six months.

Елена Кулецкая празднует мини день рождения дочери

Elena Kuletskaya

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

Today his daughter Helena kuletskoy Nick was six
months. And although, according to most, girl model is still very young, she
the star mom doesn’t think so. Kuletskaya already started to miss how she’s
calls “small time”.

“We have six months, — said Elena. — How quickly kids grow up. This is
Golden time, such a delight to watch
the little man learns life. Every day is a new “Anelka”, new
achievement. On the one hand, very happy and looking forward to the next stage, and
other such nostalgia for these little time. Our talkative
the bead turns into a focused eater, when on the horizon looms
hare. So Zaya is not only valuable fur, it is twenty minutes mom
free time. With his tongue hanging out, bug persistently zapihivaetsya in the mouth.
Slobbered, pulled out with a sound “chpok”, awarded long tirade
emotions and is sucked back. I think in honor of the sixth month to feed her nick
first the zucchini… But maybe we shouldn’t spoil the man’s holiday?”

It should be noted,
Elena very often talks about his daughter, telling about the nuances of the first
years of a child’s life and the associated difficulties and joys.