Elena Kuletskaya loses hair because of the baby

Елена Кулецкая теряет волосы из-за ребенка A young mother is afraid to be without thick hair. Elena Kuletskaya told subscribers microblog that after the baby started having some health problems. Fans called for the beauty to take vitamins and not be upset about hair loss.

      Famous model Elena Kuletskaya year ago gave birth to a daughter. Since the joy of motherhood blonde shares with followers microblogging almost every day. She talks about how to develop a nickname, what talents has and regularly publishes pictures of the little beauties.

      However, most of the Lena river after the appearance of the girls born with their own appearance problems began. The woman admitted that she lost a lot of hair and seriously started worrying about the hair. In an ironic form, she told fans, after finding the fault.

      “In a dark, dark room, in the dark, dark bed, in the dark, dark bathroom, in a dark, dark floor… curled Your hair! They now stir in your head? Ho-Ho-Ho! This is a good sign: it means that something is still left. The horror, the horror, the nightmare of dreamers on the hair and a nervous TIC manic neat… When your life comes, you leave the hair. Without saying goodbye, they just decide to leave your head. They are everywhere: in bed, on the floor, in the shower, in the fist of a child, but not on your head,” – wrote in Instagram Kuletskaya.

      Fans publications model scared for her future shooting. Some users of the social network wondered what would happen if Lena really lose all the hair and leave the career. They also wished the woman is likely to solve the unpleasant problem.

      “Thank you for this post! I hope for a speedy end to this molt”, “Elena, your posts are so cute and interesting! As you all cleverly and easily tell. I read and was moved. Thank you!”, “I love you! You like my face to tell!”, “Good! Thank you for such pozitivchik! Enjoy reading and watching your tips! Not every dare to share such experiences. Very true, I hope you solve your problem! Eat your vitamins!” – left comments followers.

      But as it turned out, nature provided everything. Unexpectedly Kuletskaya found that after a while hair started to grow even better than before. A happy discovery she also shared with readers of the microblog.

      “But! Shedding will come to an end. Happy ending in the best traditions of Hollywood. There is a light at the end of the tunnel! After ten months of active velosaped I have discovered quite a viable vigorous dense undercoat! And if numerous protruding antennas be regarded as a connection with the cosmos, I now have just high-speed live better. During that time I took no vitamins, simply resigned to the prospect to braid a tail of three hairs and supported basic pet grooming: shampoo and conditioning,” said Elena.