Elena Kuletskaya for the first time took daughter abroad

Елена Кулецкая впервые вывезла дочь за границу
The model resting in a Villa on the Mediterranean coast.

Elena Kuletskaya

Photo: Instagram

Elena Kuletskaya for the first time brought the five-month-old daughter on the nick
holiday to the sea. The model decided that the best time of year to go
to Cyprus, where she had rented a Villa with a pool.

“A separate house is difficult to compare with the hotel — shared
Kuletskaya. — It’s just a fundamentally different guests. Not better or worse, just
another, more home. The main difference is in the square. You are not limited number with
bed, connecting living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom. I also
I like that you can come a big company and make friends. A private
kitchen and BBQ facilities. True, there are downsides: you need to clean, cook and
to go for food. Really helps me mother in law and friends arrived. They
made this holiday tale.”

By the way, this year, many stars have preferred to spend the holiday
it is in this country. For example, Catherine velichenko pre-planned
journey to Cyprus: the actress is the happy owner of local apartments.

However, the rest was in jeopardy due to the fact that
a month before the trip, the actress had hurt his leg. The doctors gave her karyne
a bad diagnosis — a fracture and sent her home to rest in bed in a cast. However
Catherine was able to recover and spend an unforgettable two weeks
the coast of the Mediterranean sea.