Elena Kuletskaya for the first time became a mother

Елена Кулецкая впервые стала мамой Model and TV presenter gave his wife the firstborn. That she became a mother, Elena Kuletskaya has informed in the microblog. One of the most beautiful young women of the country receiving congratulations on the addition to the family.

      Елена Кулецкая впервые стала мамой

      Great news announced Sunday afternoon a well-known model and TV presenter Elena Kuletskaya. Beauty first became mom. Elena Kuletskaya published in the microblog selfie taken straight to the ward clinic, where was born her firstborn.

      “Mother,” said simple star, do not hide a happy smile. It is, in fact, all that Kuletskaya decided to tell you about a wonderful event. The sex of the baby, as well as his vest and ROS model does not reveal. She probably will do it later. On the breast of the newly made moms lay a bouquet of the freshest white roses. Obviously, Elena is one of the first to congratulate her husband and the happy father of the child Stanislav Romanovsky. Well, now young parents are receiving congratulations from friends and colleagues.

      “Super, wonderful day, congrats, be healthy!”, “Helen, congratulations! Happiness to you and your baby”, “Today is family day, good health to you with a baby”, – wished the young mother to leave her subscribers will.

      Kid came in one of clinics situated near Moscow. Elena thought for a long time which hospital to choose. The couple was looking at options in France, USA and Russia. But Elena decided that you will not be able to give birth away from family, and therefore chose a prestigious clinic in the homeland.

      Interestingly, a couple of months ago Elena did not seek to inform about her pregnancy. After top model appeared on the program Andrei Malakhov “Let them talk”, many could not help but notice the slightly rounded shape of the girl, and also the fact that even kuletskoy face became more round. All this alarmed and vigilant fans who immediately began to talk about a possible interesting position of a celebrity.

      However, the very Kuletskaya was in no hurry to neither confirm nor deny the rumors. But soon to hide the pregnancy of Elena stopped and with pleasure began to pose for glossy magazines. Despite the fact that many star moms literally from the first months of waiting for a baby starting to buy all the necessary things, kolecka was in no hurry to acquire a dowry for the baby. Apparently, now when TV presenter and newborn child are in the hospital, the husband of celebrity Stanislav Romanovsky quickly becoming necessary for an heir. After all, he promised to take care of all the hassle.

      During pregnancy, Elena felt not very bad and led a rich and active life. The model traveled with her husband to France, took part in photo shoots had time to appear on TV in different talk shows.

      We will remind that Stanislav and Elena were married in late summer 2014. Beautiful and romantic wedding was held in the South of France, in the Provence region.

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