Elena Ksenofontova won the daughter’s ex-husband

Елена Ксенофонтова отвоевала дочь у бывшего мужа The court dismissed the appeal ex-wife stars of the series “Kitchen”. Alexander Red wanted to change the order of communication with the General heir to Sophia and take her away from artist. In the nearest future Elena Ksenofontova – fight with a man for an apartment.
Елена Ксенофонтова отвоевала дочь у бывшего мужа

The star of the show “Kitchen” Elena Ksenofontova gained a small victory over her ex-husband Alexander of Red. The happy news was announced by Director actress Natalia Tebelev. The final conclusion of the litigation celebrities with the ex-spouse of the question as yet is not.

According to the verdict of the Moscow city court, daughter Helen continues to live with mother. Red tried to challenge the decision of the state authority on the procedure of communication with the child, but his appeal was rejected. According to Abelevoi, a meeting was held on 2 February.

“The decision of the court of first instance, adopted in the interests of the child, remained in force,” – said the Director of the artist.

At the same time Alexander the Red continues to try to deprive Elena Ksenofontova apartment. As reported by Natalia Tebelev, ex-husband of a star requires her impressive monetary compensation for once given real estate. This process is no news.

“The next hearing is scheduled for March 2. Recall that a basis for revocation of donation Alexander believes the verdict that Elena Ksenofontova was found guilty of inflicting the beating. The verdict unfair and humiliating. But it Lena with the children may be left without a roof over your head,” said Tebelev

Natalia also thanked the concerned people for the support Elena. Social media users signed a petition in defense of Ksenofontova. At the moment, friends celebrities managed to raise over 15 thousand votes. Fans of the actress accused her former common law spouse in violation of the law. According to them, truth is on the side Helena. Among those who decided to publicly stand on the side of Ksenofontova, was it a star friends. So, the poet Katherine Sultanov said that outraged by the injustice done to people close to them.

Елена Ксенофонтова отвоевала дочь у бывшего мужа“Elena Ksenofontova – one of the most sensitive and caring mothers I know. All of this – absurd accusations of a person with very little soul,” said the friend of the actress.

In addition to Katarina Sultanova, a petition signed by Maxim Vitorgan and Tasha Strict. Spouse Ksenia Sobchak was advised Ksenofontova to stay and expressed their willingness to come to her aid. In turn, a Strict angry about the situation, which turned out to be the star of the show “Kitchen”.

“I think about what a wonderful actress, mother, and my friend once again forced to return to that hell! This endless round of court hearings, invented stories and lies! I want a human to help and really want to the story of Lena struck a chord, and this monstrous persecution is finally over!”Tasha shared in social networks.