Elena Ksenofontova was in the air, “Let them talk”

Елена Ксенофонтова исповедовалась в эфире «Пусть говорят» The actress told Andrei Malakhov about the conflict with her husband. Barely holding back tears, the star of the show “Kitchen” remembered all the legal proceedings with her husband Alexander Red, and told how the escaped from the apartment where I lived with him.

      Елена Ксенофонтова исповедовалась в эфире «Пусть говорят»

      About a week ago Elena Ksenofontova broke the silence. The actress is best remembered for the TV series “Hotel Elion” and “Kitchen”, told in the social network, why I left the wife of Alexander of Red. According to the woman, he beat her and threatened son from his second marriage. However, the star claims that her ex-husband managed to turn the situation so that against it opened a criminal case. The woman was accused that she caused Alexander heavy injuries.

      Elena Ksenofontova broke down in tears live because of beating her husband

      26 Dec 2016 actress convicted and sentenced to a fine. However, she filed an appeal, which will consider on 3 February. In the program “Let them talk” Edward gave a Frank interview with face to face Andrei Malakhov, which again recalled all the misfortunes that she had to endure.

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      Елена Ксенофонтова исповедовалась в эфире «Пусть говорят»

      According to Elena, the problems in the relationship with Alexander became increasingly more serious with each passing year. “We stopped being a family, a husband and wife at some point,” said Edward.

      The star said that he found out about the cheating spouse. According to her, he was lost to another woman. Elena didn’t want to sleep with him in the same bed. As Edward says, it was at that moment Red was first used violence.

      “I told him: I beg you, go away! No one will challenge your rights of the father. -Baby, you don’t understand, this is my home. I’m here to live. If you don’t like something, take your son and go,” he said to me,” recalled Edward.

      After several incidents of beatings Elena decided to leave her husband. He went to one of the trips, so she was able to seamlessly change their place of residence.

      “We escaped in a rented apartment in which they live to this day. I could no longer. We barely left the apartment. I found it very difficult to explain to her daughter what happened. Before that she was a family: mom, dad. I’m hiding… We went to psychologists, worked with children, worked with me. On the day of his arrival, I wrote to him an SMS that we moved out,” said Edward.

      As reported by the star, Alexander started to fight with her daughter. He accused the actress that she stole the baby. Edward believes that Red wanted to take her apartment, as had previously been issued a deed of gift, which he could revoke at any time.

      In October 2016 it sold one apartment and bought another. This further angered civil spouse. “It’s revenge. I don’t think he needs a kid,” said Elena, explaining that Alexander had filed a lawsuit against her.

      The actress recalls that she even wanted to kill her husband. “One night I found myself standing over him with a pillow. I was very scared,” admitted Elena.

      Now it was not even close to admit to his Red. However, it does not prevent her to communicate with his father.

      “A month and a half he started seeing her and ship her that he is the victim. She comes and cries after meeting with him because she pity him… She misses me, remembers how it was before, but not so much”, – said Elena.

      The actress admits that at first tried to justify Alexander in his daughter’s eyes. But then she could no longer hide from the little daughter of all that is happening in the family.

      “I once burst into tears when I came in after the trial. Then told daughter the truth: her dad says I beat him. She surprised me: “So it’s true?” – said the movie star.

      Ksenofontova support other women who have faced domestic violence. However, judicial matters are finally resolved only on 3 February the court of appeal. Don’t hit a loved one: as the stars have experienced domestic violence