Elena Ksenofontova told about her husband’s infidelity and the state of the daughter

Елена Ксенофонтова рассказала об изменах мужа и состоянии дочери The actress believes that the ex-husband specifically hurt her. However, Elena Ksenofontova does not forbid the child to see Alexander Red. The star of “Kitchen” waiting for all processes with the ex-spouse.
Елена Ксенофонтова рассказала об изменах мужа и состоянии дочери

The star of the show “Hotel Eleon” Elena Ksenofontova has recently gone through a family drama – actress decided to part with civil husband Alexander Redheads, all over the country declaring that he has repeatedly raised her hand. She omits only one thing: men are serious legal education. Soon Alexander has addressed in law enforcement bodies with the statement that the wife attacked him and threatened violence. Against the woman criminal case. However, when entered into force the law on partial decriminalization of assault against relatives, the charges were dropped.

With Elena Ksenofontova withdrew assault charges

Edward was the guest of the program “Let them talk”, where in detail told not only about the conflict with her husband, but also put forward their own versions of their strained relationship – for example, housing in Moscow.

“He wants to revoke the deed to the apartment, which is not available. He has provided compensation to several million rubles”, – said Elena.

Another reason that provoked the breakup Ksenofontova with her husband, was the best the betrayal of a spouse. “Last year he rode in my car, its sold. And here come the penalties on 50 thousand. I have paid for. But the violations caught footage of 6-7 in the morning Alexander was driving with a blonde, and his hand lay on her lap,” admitted Elena.

Red himself denies cheating on my wife. He never saw pictures that compromise him. Also, the man believes that the actress does not allow him to fully communicate with her daughter.

“When a child is sick, Elena I won’t let him. And so I’m taking the children “through the fence”. She buys something the child separately I separately,” said Alexander.
Елена Ксенофонтова рассказала об изменах мужа и состоянии дочери

It argues that afraid of provocations from ex-spouse. Besides, Alexander configures Sonia against her mother. The girl even know that her parents are suing – it is misleading to her students.

Elena and Alexander offered to go to the world. But Edward refused to admit his guilt, saying that he beat ex-wife. Studio guests thought that Helena’s husband was some kind of complex, because he lived with a famous actress.

Елена Ксенофонтова рассказала об изменах мужа и состоянии дочери “I want the truth to be justified. I see Alexander having fun. And he will be entertained for a long time”, – said Elena.

It believes that the persecution of Redheads in relation to it is now his meaning of life. However, the star wants to set daughter against father.