Elena Ksenofontova surprised by the court’s decision

Елена Ксенофонтова удивлена решением суда The actress hoped for a response to his appeal. Previously Elena Ksenofontova pleaded guilty to domestic violence and sentenced to a fine of five thousand rubles. On Friday, the actress was found with the ex-spouse face-to-face, it happened in their case.

      Елена Ксенофонтова удивлена решением суда

      In late January, star of TV series “Kitchen” and “Hotel Eleon” Elena Ksenofontova drew public attention to the problems in his family. The actress revealed the shocking truth about the breakup with her husband, attorney Alexander Red. Elena says that her husband brutally beat her. According to the artist, the ex-lover turned the situation so that against it opened a criminal case. He Red of all charges in his address denies.

      Elena Ksenofontova was in the air, “Let them talk”

      February 3 in the Presnensky district court held a hearing on the appeal of the actress. It has provided evidence of the guilt of the husband – documented evidence of beatings and the testimony of women who had seen firsthand the quarrel between the spouses. According to Elena, he pressed her to the bed and twisted arms, simultaneously threatening. The actress also claims that Red was trying to strangle her. When Edward fought back, she scratched his face with his hands.

      At the meeting, the actress was found with her ex-husband face to face. Together with Ksenofontova the meeting was attended by her lawyer, while the Red was one. As a lawyer, the ex-boyfriend of the actress has decided to represent their own interests. Alexander continued to defend his point of view and to argue that he did not raise his hand to his wife. In the opinion of men, the conviction of a celebrity is fair.

      Elena’s husband Ksenofontova the first time about the scandal: “I spent three months not seen her daughter”

      After hearing the positions of two conflicting parties, the judge decided to carefully examine all the materials provided by Elena and Alexander. He said that it was postponing consideration of the appeal Ksenofontova until February 17.

      When the actress left the courthouse, reporters took her comment about the last meeting. She admitted she was very nervous before this event. According to Ksenofontova, she was surprised by the transfer of the case.

      “It’s difficult to talk about their feelings, I didn’t expect this outcome, I thought that immediately begin proceedings, but, apparently, for the court our complaint was enough to take the time to think. I kept confident, not making any illusions, I believe and I hope that today’s decision due to the fact that we finally heard” – shared the actress.

      It was also admitted to the correspondent Wday.ru that was up all night before the meeting.