Elena Ksenofontova spoke about the trauma of children after a scandalous divorce

Елена Ксенофонтова рассказала о травмах детей после скандального развода The actress shared how her life after breaking up with her husband. According to Elena Ksenofontova, daughter and son feel a lot better, they were helped by psychologists. The heiress stars Sonja was able to understand that both parents love her, just can’t be together.

      Елена Ксенофонтова рассказала о травмах детей после скандального развода

      A few months ago the star of the show “Kitchen” Elena Ksenofontova was frankly told that she was beaten by her husband Alexander of Red. However, according to the man, the case was different: the actress herself raised a hand on him. Helena was filed, but after the law on decriminalization of beatings production was discontinued. With Elena Ksenofontova withdrew assault charges

      Edward was the guest of the program “Alone with all”. The actress said leading Julia Menshovoj, how there was her life after escaping with her son and daughter from her husband. “When I saw the frightened eyes of their children and even tried with each of them individually to talk about our situation. Realized that they are the most unhappy,” explained Elena.

      The woman says she has been too long tolerated abuse of Alexander, not speaking to anybody about what is happening in the family. Even daughter Sonja long knew that their parents had a conflict.

      In recognition of the actress, she was nervous and excited when they were planning the escape from the apartment. At this time her husband Oleksandr was on a business trip. When all failed to realize that Elena wasn’t easy to explain to her daughter why they moved.

      “Sonia could not understand as we’re not together anymore. I helped one girl from her kindergarten, which came and said, “and my parents now do not go together. So well. And they fought all the time. And now so well: mother is well, father well.” Prior to that, Sonya thought, we have some exclusive situation, and normal people live together. She accepted my explanations, but there were doubts,” said Edward.

      According to the artist, now daughter no problem communicating with my dad, going for a walk with him. But while Elena’s worried that Alexander will continue to fight for the child. In the scandal that arose between them, also suffered a senior heir to the stars movie, Timothy.

      “My son doesn’t talk to friends about what happened. He’s insulated from this situation. He generally tries not to notice. But it has been a sea change as when we moved the child ceased to smile. It is characterized by short. Now it is absolutely different. Tim started to speak,” admitted Edward.

      Daughter Sonya sometimes discussing the issue with mom. Edward believes that it’s right to talk to children about difficult situations. “Once we had Timothy in an English school, they asked the standard questions: “married – not married”. So Sonia then said: “Not married. We were already there”, – said Elena.