Елена Ксенофонтова выиграла в борьбе за дочь The court partially satisfied the claim of the actress. The star of the show “Hotel Eleon” told about the decision that was made in the case about custody of his daughter Sophia. Fans rejoice for Ksenofontova and congratulate her on the victory.
Елена Ксенофонтова выиграла в борьбе за дочь

The star of the show “Hotel Eleon” Elena Ksenofontova told fans the happy news. The actress has won a court case about custody of a daughter Sophia, born Alexander Red. After the scandalous breakup the ex-husband tried to take away Elena’s child. Elena’s husband Ksenofontova the first time about the scandal: “I spent three months not seen her daughter”

“Today Presnensky court of Moscow the decision was rendered in the case, the review process which was such a painful, long, exhausting, dirty, and sometimes incredibly embarrassing. My angel stays with me. With me! People! People! Thank you very much for your support and faith!” – shared in the joyous news in the microblogging.

According to the results of the trial, the claim was partially satisfied. Likely, the actress will have to pay costs. However, fans of the actress to congratulate her with the successful outcome of the case. “Helen, God sees you. I’m very happy for you. I wish you and your dear children’s health and you great happiness”, “still there is justice! Very happy for you, peace and health to your family”, “How good that you have created a petition and we signed it! So happy for you! The happiness they deserved!”, “I’m glad all this is finally over and that Sonja stayed with you! Happiness, health, peace of mind for you and your children! All will be well!” – wrote followers Ksenofontova.

We will remind, Elena Ksenofontova left wife, as they were subjected to physical violence on his part. Alexander Red claimed that the actress had raised his hand. Criminal proceedings opened in relation to celebrity, was discontinued in March of this year, as entered into force the law on decriminalization of the battery. However, according to the Director of Elena, the act of the actress was still regarded as an administrative offence. With Elena Ksenofontova withdrew assault charges

Daughter star could not understand why mom and dad aren’t together anymore.

“I helped one girl from her kindergarten, which came and said, “and my parents now do not go together. So well. And they fought all the time. And now so well: mother is well, father well.” Prior to that, Sonya thought, we have some exclusive situation, and normal people live together. She accepted my explanations, but there were doubts,” said Edward in one of the television.