Елена Ксенофонтова выиграла суд против бывшего мужа
The star of the show “Kitchen” won his own daughter.

Elena Ksenofontova

Photo: Instagram

The court rejected the appeal of former husband of Helen
Ksenofontova Alexandra Red, which was intended to take away from the actress and their daughter
Sofya. Now the star of the series “Kitchen” is going to fight for once given
her real estate. “The decision of the court of first instance, adopted in the interests of the child,
remained in force,” — said the Director of the actress Natalia Tebelev after the meeting

Alas, Ksenofontova, which today rejoices in the victory,
will more than one lawsuit. Alexander Red is trying to deprive Elena of Moscow
apartments. As reported by Natalia Tebelev, ex-husband of the actress requires of her
the impressive monetary compensation.

“The next hearing is scheduled for March 2.
Recall that a basis for revocation of donation Alexander believes
the sentence that Elena Ksenofontova was found guilty of inflicting
batteries’. The verdict unfair and humiliating. But because of Lena with children
can remain without roof over the head”, — quotes Tebelelo “Old Heath”.

Friends and colleagues worry about the fate of Ksenofontova:
they have posted a petition in support of our favorite. Celebrities say,
what they are really on the side of Helena. The petition has already more than 15 thousand signatures.
Among the signatories the poetess Katherine Sultanov, Maxim Vitorgan and Tasha Strict.