Елена Ксенофонтова выиграла суд против бывшего сожителя
The actress is celebrating a new victory.

Elena Ksenofontova

The star of the show “Kitchen” Elena
Edward put a fat point in the struggle with the former civil husband Alexander
Red that lasted more than two years. At stake was the apartment that Elena
once gave a man. He first sued to court, accusing the ex-beloved in
the fact that she threatened his life. In addition, he wanted to regain presented
her apartment and become a guardian General’s daughter.

Now the lawsuit
resolved in favor of Ksenofontova, it was recorded Presnensky court
Moscow. “Of course, I should have been yesterday, but the realization that
happened comes only now. Three long, humiliating trial in
for two and a half years. A few dozen trial after
seventy stopped counting. Countless examinations,
psychological, substance abuse and other inquiries, references, petitions,
parallel attempts to organize new processes (on the preparation of the murder,
for example), charges, testimony, provocation. Not to mention the sea
tears, lost health, lost time, huge debts in connection
numerous court costs, and most importantly — permanently
naglasena mental health two minor children. In the end my
daughter is with me and his brother in the house, which I hope no one ever
don’t want us to take away. I’m not doomed to a lifetime payment of several
tens of millions for something he did not commit. The decision of Presnensky court
yesterday confirmed the Moscow city court” — shared Elena.