Elena Ksenofontova fled with the children abroad

Елена Ксенофонтова сбежала с детьми за границу The actress gave the heirs an unforgettable journey. For the first time the daughter and son of the star “of the Hotel Eleon” happy. Xenofontova was able to go with them to another country.
Елена Ксенофонтова сбежала с детьми за границу

Famous actress Elena Ksenofontova gave the children an unforgettable vacation in Georgia. The star of the show “Kitchen” went with daughter Sonya and son Timothy to rest in Tbilisi. Another stop on their journey was the ancient city of Mtskheta. The actress shares pictures of cultural attractions and shows in his pictures delights.

“Beautiful Georgia. Not yet fully experienced in Tbilisi. But Mtskheta (capital of Georgia), 4-6 centuries temples, valleys, mountains, khinkali is something incredible!” – said Edward.

On the other picture the woman showed a table Laden with plates of khinkali. Elena eats local food. In the caption to the picture is a funny hashtag #nakedyoga. Fans stars wish her family a pleasant stay and say that it looks great.

“Why do you need to lose weight? In great shape!”, “Why do you want to lose weight, you the model, the most you shape, as always You are incomparable!”, “I admire! Incredibly beautiful, charming, just amazing!” – wrote followers.

We will remind, earlier it was won in the fight for her daughter Sonia. The woman was found with whom the child will live.

“The trial was such a painful, long, exhausting, dirty, and sometimes incredibly embarrassing. My angel stays with me. With me! People! Thank you very much for your support and faith!” the actress said after the court proceedings.

This winter Elena Ksenofontova has publicly stated that husband Oleksandr Redheads have been beaten and intimidated her. She was silent and afraid to speak about domestic violence. However, after her confession, the situation turned against her. The man said that it itself has raised his hand. Against it criminal case. After the entry into force of the law on decriminalization of violence, the production closed, however, the representative stars were dissatisfied.

“Lena is not justified. It again was found guilty. But what she is accused of, in connection with the amendments to the law recently ceased to be a criminal offence”, – said the Director of Ksenofontova Natalia Tebelev. With Elena Ksenofontova withdrew assault charges