Elena Ksenofontova continues to fight with her ex-husband for her daughter

Елена Ксенофонтова продолжает воевать с бывшим мужем за дочь The actress is preparing for a court hearing with a lawyer Alexander Red, with whom she lived in a civil marriage for about nine years. The man is deadly serious and not going to give up. Ex-lover Elena Ksenofontova wants to take the baby from her.
Елена Ксенофонтова продолжает воевать с бывшим мужем за дочь

The star of the show “Kitchen” Elena Ksenofontova cannot solve contradictions, arising with former civilian husband, lawyer Alexander Red. First, the former husband of the actress blamed her for the violence, and the woman was found guilty. However, after some time Ksenofontova justified. However, Elena and Alexander continued to plead. About it the actress said in the broadcast of Boris Korchevnikov “the Destiny of man”.

In June, Ksenofontova the claim was partially satisfied. The actress has won a court case about custody of a daughter Sophia, born Alexander Red. After the scandalous breakup, the man decided to take Elena’s child. Redheads are not satisfied with the decision of the state body, so he continued to fight with his ex-wife.

“The courts continue. We were not officially married, he defends their right to a daughter. Civil proceedings at the place of definition of residence of the child lasted more than a year, 26 June the decision was made. I won, but he filed a complaint on 23 pages, very reasoned, as it seems. 2 February 2018 next meeting”, – said Edward.
Елена Ксенофонтова продолжает воевать с бывшим мужем за дочь

In recognition of Helena, she believes ex-husband is very ambitious, intelligent and talented person. “When we met, I decided that he will be able to close me with his broad back. I needed his love and protection,” says the actress.

The first meeting of the Red and Ksenofontova took place in the hallway of the law firm. Alexander said immediately fell in love with the actress. The lawyer insisted on the fact Helena gave him. More than a year of Red and it was maintained exclusively business relationship, and then started Dating. They were together for about nine years.

“The alarm was false. Lies that first heralded and covered and then gone. Lies, lack of attention, then I found out about the affair. It turned out that it was a long time ago, I gave birth to Sonia. It was so embarrassing…” – says the star.

Husband of Ksenofontova went to her car, so the actress came up his fines with photos. One of the photos the man was depicted with a blonde at six in the morning. The pair embraced. “I realized that I can’t be with him in the same room, much less sleep in the same bed. In the night he ran into the room and said, “You’ll sleep where I say and do what I say” – shared Elena.

Scandalous details of the separation Ksenofontova and Red became public after the actress decided to speak publicly about domestic violence. Elena said that more can not be silent. Elena Ksenofontova revealed the shocking truth about the breakup with her husband