Елена Ксенофонтова рассталась с мужем The actress of TV series “Kitchen”, “Hotel Eleon” are unable to resolve conflicts with your spouse. Problems in the relationship between Elena and Alexander began last year. Now the woman is planning to forget their life together.

      Five years ago, Elena Ksenofontova, known for the TV series “Kitchen” and “Hotel Eleon” are unable to resolve conflicts with your spouse. met with lawyer Alexander Tsvetkov. They began to live together. Sasha found a common language with the actress’s son – Timothy, and soon the couple had a daughter Sophia. Problems in their relationship started last year.

      “Lena wanted them to officially become husband and wife, says “StarHit” Svetlana, a friend of the actress, and Sasha didn’t take it seriously. She tried to discuss with him, but after hearing, “let’s talk about our future,” he evaded. Started quarrels and insults. Alexander tried to smooth out, gave bouquets of roses, arranged romantic dinners”.

      But all this doesn’t help, Flowers and Edward broke up. According to friends of star series, Elena now wants to live for herself and children.

      “A month ago, I came to Helen for a visit – continues to Svetlana. – She hid all of Sasha’s photos and gifts, nothing reminded of the past. He is a great father visits the daughter, and if you can’t come in, he calls, asks about her. Sophie does not know yet that my parents split up. Thinks daddy is very busy. Well that Lena is simply no time for disorder – work in theatre, film, preparing for the opening of the exhibition of author’s Christmas decorations and dolls in January. Holds, says he now wants to live for themselves and children.”