Elena Korikova was accused of alcoholism

Елену Корикову обвинили в алкоголизме According to some reports the actress, who lives alone, is addicted to alcohol. Critics report that the star is in a depression, so drink. “StarHit” contacted colleagues Korikova and found out where they went such conversations.
Елену Корикову обвинили в алкоголизме

In the Network appeared the information that the star of the TV series “Poor Nastya” Elena Korikova abusing alcohol. According to some, the woman is in a depression after a breakup with Sergei Astakhov. The artist moved into a new apartment, which is located in Aprelevka. According to neighbors, she lives alone and hardly comes in contact with other people.

Evil tongues say that Elena started to drink, as it are less likely to invite the main roles in film and theater. Besides, according to some information, it is not is personal life. “StarHit” talked with colleague stars Alexander Pashutin. The actor of the Mossovet clarified the situation.

“That’s bullshit, I worked with Lena, but I don’t know her or anything. I love it, I love. We played together in the theater, I’ve never drank. This envious spreading rumors,” – said Alexander “StarHit”.

Pashutin added that Korikova very kind and helpful. He said that once they were rescued kitten, went with the animal to the vet, nursed him. According to the actor, the people, to disseminate information about alcoholism Elena wanted to ruin her reputation. “I don’t even have Internet. The TV, the cat and the phone. I don’t see what they write. What about me said no, and Bondarchuk, I know. And all the rest does not concern me,” explained Alexander.

However, the neighbors of the actress believe that Korikova has a terrible temper. According to them, the actress is rude and is rude while communicating with other people. The star of “Poor Nastya” Elena Korikova survived from the house neighbours

“Lena often staged noisy party with loud music, – told “StarHit” the neighbor of the actress on the porch. – It was the case that pounded into the walls to stop the mess, the noise, the screams, music. But no use! And when they had come to understand Korikova almost with his fists climbed to fight. Screaming, hysteria, saying that she always interfere with sleep. The woman she is, of course, beautiful, but neighbors of people do not believe”.