Елена Корикова рассказала о муках после родов Well-known actress of several decades is considered one of the most beautiful women in the domestic screen. The actress rarely talks about her personal life. Today, however, Elena decided to share with fans the memory of a difficult period in my life.
Елена Корикова рассказала о муках после родов

46-year-old Elena Korikova talked about what tests she had to undergo after the birth of his son Arseny. Literally 7 days after birth, the actress was urgently returned to the set.

Elena literally torn between work and baby. According to her, the Director had allocated for her and the child a separate room where she could feed the baby.

“Today, the son of my friend and classmate of Masha Stern – Caspar, was 25 years old! How time flies… seems Like yesterday was. Mary, look what I found! Photo from the personal archive. The shooting of the film “Three sisters”, and the second year of the Institute. You just gave birth very early, the crew was waiting when he and I face. On the 7th day after birth, I was on the court. Oh and suffered with us our master, Sergey Solovyov and our partners, who have had so much time to wait… Thank them for the patience! Every hour and a half of S. A. released us to feed the children, gave us a private room. We were in corsets for it to unlace and lace up also required a lot of time. Remember how it was hard but we managed, with God’s help! Masha, happy birthday son! Let him be happy! Love and cherish our friendship” – shared Elena.

July 20, 1993, Elena Korikova was born a son Arseny. His father was actor Dmitry Roshchin, heir to the Soviet actress actress Ekaterina Vasilieva and playwright Mikhail Roshchin. Not officially a couple never legalized the relationship, despite the fact that Roshchin had proposed to her. In a relationship Elena and Dmitry intervened the famous mother of the artist, Ekaterina Vasileva, she was against the wedding of his son. Later, Roschin became a priest, and father of seven children, who bore him the current spouse’s Love. Son from Elena Korikova Arseny, the priest does not support relations. Father Arseny became, now the ex-husband of Elena, cinematographer and video Director Maxim Osadchy.

Of Arseny in the media is little known. The heir of the actress graduated from the prestigious economic University, the young man does not give interviews. Previously “StarHit” learned that Korikova have a little trouble with the law. Guy tried to Rob two years ago.

“Even on the holidays Senya not a fan of alcohol, he told the other young man Cyril. – But then we celebrated the birthday of a friend, persuaded, and so he fell, waved a pair of glasses for the health of the companion. At the end of the night I thought that all managed to breathe”.

Comrades Arseny asked him to stay for the night and not to go anywhere. However, they failed to convince the young man.

“He rested, and on the way home as luck would have it braked, – said Kirill. – Began to check the documents. Senya did not resist. But one guard suddenly said, “why do you have red cheeks? Come to us in the car!” Here korikov realized that nowhere to go. Of course, I tried jokes to talk to the inspector to not take the test. But the law will not disappoint. For refusing “to breathe into a tube” Arsenii was deprived of the license for a year and six months. Plus a penalty of 30 thousand rubles.”