Elena Korikova is going to leave movie

Елена Корикова собирается оставить кино
Fans fell in love with the actress Elena Korikova after starring in the TV series “Poor Nastya”.

Елена Корикова собирается оставить кино

Now the actress is mostly engaged in theatrical productions, but sometimes it still accepts movie roles. Recently Elena has hinted of his intention to retire.

Елена Корикова собирается оставить кино

“To become better all failed. Become worse all failed .Become as unacceptable everything Remains as it was-unique. Hee hee. She came to her friend, after scoring the new film said, “I finally decided to leave the profession” she said, “You’re awesome, just do not know how or do not want the light to put on the artist, anyone can be light to disfigure”. Took the camera, and hers is always there because she loves it. And since our meetings are still always end up shooting for 30 minutes I did a photo shoot without make-up artists and stylists” – said Korikova.

Recall that recently the actress was showered with a barrage of negative comments, many have accused her of alcohol abuse.

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