Елена Корикова намерена засудить тех, кто обвинял ее в алкоголизме The actress is determined to deal with the detractors. Elena Korikova decided to defend his good name. It will now prosecute those who allowed themselves to spread about her negative information.
Елена Корикова намерена засудить тех, кто обвинял ее в алкоголизме

Elena Korikova in the early 2000s was considered one of the most beautiful Actresses of Russia. Many copied the style of refined blondes. Great success and popularity brought her role in the TV series “Poor Nastya”. Recently, however, the artist is not so often appears in the press and at social events, and works in which she acted are not getting a proper level of fame. It was rumored that due to the small number of roles in film and theater Elena is addicted to alcohol. Also, there was information that she wasn’t taken personal life. On the other hand, a colleague Korikova, Aleksandr Pashutin told “StarHit” that I could not see her any bad habits. Elena Korikova was accused of alcoholism

Apparently, Helen went to court to protect its good name and to punish those who are trying or tried to discredit.

“Many of you have approached me asking when I’ll respond to repeated offensive posts that I supposedly suffer from alcoholism and so on. I confess that I have long endured: probably due to my upbringing or natural patience, I don’t like conflict. In addition, I thought it was unnecessary to engage in the refutation of such newspaper ducks. But any patience comes to an end. I went to court with the claim about protection of honor and dignity to prevent attempts to smear me,” wrote the actress in the microblog.
Елена Корикова намерена засудить тех, кто обвинял ее в алкоголизме

Elena did not say who will become a defendant in her lawsuit and what compensation it intends to.

Fans supported Korikova in its decision. They felt that nobody should make allegations. “That’s all right. I’m with you. Support you!”, “I’m sure everything will be solved in the best way and unworthy will be punished!” – encouraged followers actress.

Specify that Korikova now serves in the Moscow independent theatre.

By the way, Pashutin assumed that such a nasty rumor spread by her detractors and the envious. Now, however, Elena intends to monitor closely those that talk about it, to prevent the recurrence of such stories.

“I have decided that I will continue to defend its interests in court, and all the detractors will be brought to justice,” – said Elena.