Елена Корикова освежила имидж к лету The actress once again became a blonde. The star decided to dye her hair. Before Korikova played in the play where her character appeared on stage with brown hair. However, probably the creators of the project allowed the artist to create a new image.

Within a few months star of the TV series “Poor Nastya” Elena Korikova played in the play “the Love will unintentionally appear suddenly”. On the stage, she plays a fun and bold woman, which appears in the life of a lonely man, turning it upside down. She forces him to enjoy every day. In the production Korikova appeared in the image of a whimsical brown-haired women. However, recently she was able to go back to blond hair color. Probably the creators of the project have allowed celebrity to be blonde.

On the page in a social network, where fans gather photos from Korikova, there were pictures that demonstrate what happened with her change. “Helen, how do you good to be blonde! Very bright, fresh and incredibly young!”, “Just super,” “As always irresistible! Keep it up!”, “You look very good blonde”, “you are so lovely, doll!” – wrote the user’s Instagram.

By the way, some time ago in the life of Helena have been other changes. The actress decided to leave the apartment, located in a house on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. The celebrity bought a house outside Moscow, Aprelevka. Many of her neighbors breathed a sigh of relief. According to them, Elena frequently held loud parties at home and dramatically communicate with others. People reported that the actress sharply acted and during visits to public places: clinics and shops. During some proceedings, she threatened to fire staff of the Agency. The star of “Poor Nastya” Elena Korikova survived from the house neighbours

“She recently bought a four-room apartment with two balconies on the street of Jasmine, and next door shoots while in the the repairs. Acquired it, by the way, when was the second wave – the demand and prices fell slightly. Often see Korikova evenings, and at home she does not appear. Here comes one on a black mini Cooper. However, no one speaks. Remember, before the New year she brought home packages of food. Usually takes a little bit of everything: bread, sausages, fruits, vegetables. And once when I at a local store rolled for no apparent reason the scandal, saying that the counter does not appear in her baby water. Shouted so that the street could be heard,” said one of the new neighbors Korikova.