Elena Korikova has changed beyond recognition

Елена Корикова изменилась до неузнаваемости
Photo 44-year-old actress hit the Net.

Elena Korikova with a fan

Photo: Instagram

Elena Korikovoy, which recently turned 44 years no one has ever given her age. Even at 22, when the actress starred in the film “Mistress into maid”, even members of the crew were sure that Korikova just graduated from high school. And in the TV series “Poor Nastya” which brought her nationwide popularity, Elena played a girl of marriageable age, although she was over thirty…

Korikova recent years, rarely appears on the screens, no social media, so a photo posted by a fan of Helena, Instagram has produced a bombshell. If not signed, what the photo shows is the same Elena Korikova, it is possible to find out in this red-haired middle-aged woman’s favorite artist of many Russians would have been impossible!

As it turned out, Elena was dyed from blonde to red for about half a year ago, has ceased to curl hair and do bright makeup, which used to be its calling card. And, apparently, the actress has put on a few pounds.

In a new way now Elena can be seen only occasionally at the Moscow independent theatre, where it plays in the performance “When the husband is out” with an Sa Chekhova and Guram Bablishvili. But at the end of the spring on TNT a new show with the actress. It’s called “house arrest”. Its Creator — Semyon Slepakov, I’m sure he will “blow up” the TV ratings. And, perhaps, to Korikovoy will return to its former popularity.

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