Елена Корикова едва не ушла в монастырь On the eve of victory Day, a famous actress of theatre and cinema was plunged into memories. Elena Korikova said that many of her relatives were priests. The artist could go on their way and not to start a career in the movies.
Елена Корикова едва не ушла в монастырь

46-year-old Elena Korikova told about how preparing for the celebration of victory Day. Like many Russians, actress leafing through family albums and remember the relatives who participated in the great Patriotic war.

The celebrity shared his emotions on the eve of may 9 in social networks. Korikova admitted, very emotionally reacted to pictures of loved. Elena was hard to hold back emotions when she looked at the documents of a bygone era. The star also admitted that he almost went to the monastery, but the circumstances were otherwise.

“Leafing through old family albums, looking for photos of their grandfathers, who fought so that I can share with you, – said Elena on Tuesday. – Listen to wartime songs and stifled tears… I could become a mother, but fate decreed otherwise… early In my career, one people’s artist said, “Why do you want to be an actress?” I remember your answer as it is now: “To the people, which is bad, I watched the film again and wanted to live.”

After Korikova decided to become an actress, she faced lots of difficulties in his path. Elena is not always offered roles, especially in the 90s. However the actress tried not to take quite so dubious offers and many refused. However now, years later, there are films, participation in which Korikova truly sorry. However, sometimes the choice was not anything else.

Among the relatives of Elena on my grandmother’s line many priests. Great-grandfather of the actress shot in 1930. According to star, it happened because he “believed in God”.

“It was later repressed. His photograph is on the website among the martyrs. Now I want to know whether he is numbered among the saints. Dealing with the issue. Probably, on the eve of this holiday family feeling aggravated. I wanted to share with you. A huge sense of gratitude and pride for my family! I know they all see and know that their granddaughter lives as taught! No matter what,” – said in his microblog Korikova.

By the way, the first serious love of Elena was Dmitry Roshchin, the son of actress Ekaterina Vasilieva and playwright Mikhail Roshchin. Now the man is a priest. From Roshchin actress gave birth to a son Arseny, although the former lover of the actress denies this information. Heir celebrity raised the operator and the Director Maxim Osadchy.