Elena Korikova addicted to alcohol

Елена Корикова пристрастилась к алкоголю
Recently on the Internet spread information about what popular actress Elena Korikova addicted to alcohol.

Елена Корикова пристрастилась к алкоголю

According to some estimates, Elena fell into a depression after breaking up with her lover Sergei Astakhov. And others assert that the problems with alcohol, the actress began after she rarely began to offer a new role.

Journalists contacted a colleague Korikova, Aleksandr Pashutin, who gave comments on this issue.

“That’s bullshit, I worked with Lena, but I don’t know her or anything. I love it, I love. We played together in the theater, I’ve never drank. This envious spreading rumors”, – shared Alexander.

I hope all the same that the emerging information is not true, and the actress is not trying to get away from problems.

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