Elena Kondulainen needed protection

Елене Кондулайнен понадобилась охрана
The actress scared too annoying fan.

Елене Кондулайнен понадобилась охрана

Elena Kondulainen

Photo: Yuri Feklistov

Elena Kondulaynen on the anniversary of the cinema

Photo: From personal archive of Elena Kondulainen

Gathering on the anniversary of the cinema “Illusion” Elena Kondulaynen did not even know that an evening in the company of celebrities can end the incident. “Alexander Pankratov-Black, Sergei Soloviev, Svetlana Druzhinina, within Telichkina, Yuri Nazarov and other celebrities were at the reception along with the audience, who came to the festive evening. Approached different people for autographs, compliments, and begged to be photographed together. But one man suddenly behaved not quite adequately,” said 7days.ru actress.

Elena recalls that at some point to her table was approached by a stranger 50 years old, of small stature, with a solid figure. “He began to whisper in an undertone: “You’re sexy, you’re sexy, what are you doing here? I suggest to go to a good restaurant, what you want — and continue the party”. The stranger easily switched to “you” and began to criticize the phone actress, offering to give new.

Helen politely thanked the man and departed to the familiar, but new Beau is constantly kept close by.
“I didn’t give him him the opportunity to come closer, talking to other artists and Directors. But because of the presence of this man felt strange: he didn’t recognize me and that’s so corny trying to stitch together?”

When Kondulaynen was about to leave, insistent fan again tried to persuade her to leave alone and asked for a phone actress. “Then I asked him the name, saying that can’t communicate with an unknown man. And decent people actually seem before to start a conversation. My request is scared of this man. Your name and surname I never said, but continued to annoy. Then I approached the organizers and asked if they know of a guest that imposes on me the society”.

Elena volunteered to help six-foot security guard named Igor who hapless cavalier then disappeared. “My Savior-hero brought me to the car. For the future, I concluded that even at events “for the” you can’t be in the public domain. Because men go crazy, realizing that I’m free and constantly trying to impose their will on society under some silly pretexts”, — laughs Elena Kondulainen.

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