Елена Ханга корит себя за мягкость с дочерью The presenter hoped that the girl will be a famous athlete. Elena Hanga understands that it lacked rigor when Elizabeth-Anna was just starting to play tennis. But she was not a supporter of penalties and stringent requirements for the child.
Елена Ханга корит себя за мягкость с дочерью

TV presenter Elena Hanga is raising 16-year-old daughter Elizabeth-Anna. The girl now plays tennis. Celebrity supports heiress in her passion, as once she hung gave much time to the sport. However, Elena is upset that Elizabeth-Anna has not achieved resounding success. In this she blames exclusively himself. According to her, she had be harsher towards her daughter.

“Mother of tennis player I am, unfortunately, too soft. Maybe we have so there is no any serious results. Probably, we still will never carry the flag at the opening of any Olympics. I just always believed that a child should be able to agree,” admitted hung.
Елена Ханга корит себя за мягкость с дочерью

Elena believes that if the daughter, for example, wants to get a new gadget, then she would have to learn well. The presenter believes that we should not punish children and scolding them for lack of results. In her opinion, in this case Chad is a happy childhood, though without significant achievements in the sport. Hanga has no doubt that if I were strict with Elizabeth-Anne, she certainly has made great strides in tennis. However, time was lost, and now Elena is not building hopes for a brilliant career of her daughter.

Elena Hanga chooses suitors for his daughter

“In sports you gotta show when you’re a kid, then it’s too late. I can’t say: “Here the child gets older, you’ll understand what he needs and then he will work hard,” – says TV presenter.

Elena herself for the family I left my career of the presenter. She gave birth to a daughter at the age of 39, and therefore still tries to spend as much time as possible. She has appeared in such projects as “it” and “the Domino Principle”. However, taking care of family was more important than television. She said “Interlocutor” that consciously took this step.

“I quit TV because I understood that my work and child rearing – things that are just impossible to combine. I would hate to miss the moments of growing up, of becoming my daughter. And so of course, I made the choice in the direction of his beloved family.