Elena gave a wild Fly baiting

Елене Летучей устроили дикую травлю The producers of “Revizorro” worried for the life of the presenter. Moscow seasons of the program caused a huge outcry and a storm of discussions. While some admire Elena, while others harshly criticize her and threaten the film crew of the project. In this regard, the Fly hired bodyguards.

      Елене Летучей устроили дикую травлю

      The producers of “Revizorro” seriously fear for Elena’s life is Flying. After started shooting in Moscow of the season, leading the program began to receive threats. The fact that not all owners of capital institutions like a sudden check in this popular show. At times Volatile and her team are faced with this rudeness, reaching to the battering, and more recently, the scandals associated with the transfer, passed all bounds.

      “For the media. Threatening me with violence. The guard actually hired. Promised to tarnish the reputation. And the campaign to demonize my name is in full swing! The authorities reported. And we know who’s doing it,” said Elena Flying in one of his social networks.

      Note that in Moscow the season of “Revizorro” provoked a storm of online discussions. Social media users were divided into two camps: while someone was indignant with actions of the imaging project team, while others thanked Elena for her journalistic work. Art Director of one of the institutions, checked the Fly, protested her actions. He published an angry post that was later deleted. The publication men has gained a few hundred likes.

      “The delay in service connected with the terrorist actions of the bastards of “Revizorro” in our kitchen in the most worn out. The authorities have promised to give a prize to anyone who can help them to find themselves in another, more worthy profession. PS Please repost and revolver!” – wrote art Director of one of capital cafes, which went Flying, to Facebook.

      Some of the users of social networks supported by the man. “These n*** and came to us… Tried to run into the kitchen in clothes and muddy boots. With them were 15 more obscure personalities. Terrorism 100%”, “First, they will invade the restaurants, and then to our home. And then they will shoot people in the streets without trial, justifying that public use,” they wrote. In addition, the television broadcast, the owner of a Moscow restaurant, checked by Helen, he compared the team of “Revizorro” with parasites.

      However, not all support criticism of the project. Many fans of the Fly and other concerned people have considered it my duty to protect her from aggression on the Network. “Nothing terrible in the kitchen nor in the behavior of the Lena saw. Beautiful woman, nice chats with a smiling and a bit confused guys. All the fun…”, “they talk about the fact that the kitchen restaurant is a commercial secret, are you serious?”, “I feel sorry for Elena”, “Around,*** and unsanitary conditions. It is a pity that a normal visitor can not go to the restaurant kitchen and see what you cook his food” – discuss.