Elena Fugitive accused of vulgarity

Елену Летучую обвинили в вульгарности TV presenter has published a spicy photo. In the pictures Elena Letuchaya sitting on the bike in a bodysuit with an open back. Some members of the star admired her figure, the other her appearance caused outrage.

      Elena Letuchaya spends hot summer days in one of the most beautiful corners of the Earth. Presenter combines leisure and work in the Seychelles.

      Elena Letuchaya boasted a gorgeous body

      During the last days of Elena published a new photo on the beach and other surroundings in the framework of the new project of one famous brand for the production of swimwear. She showed a perfect figure in bikini and body. To the delight of fans, the presenter was not the limit. Fans did not get tired to admire the perfect shape of your cat.

      However, one of the last photos has caused subscribers stars mixed feelings. The picture shows Volatile posing in a black bodysuit with an open back. In this garb she sits on the bike. This fact has confused many fans of the stars. In the comments they have expressed outrage and even accused leading to vulgarity.

      A photo posted by Elena Letuchaya (@elenapegas) Jul 20 2016 at 4:11 PDT

      “Hmm, what is a body for the bike inappropriate?”, “Beautiful figure, but a bike shouldn’t be naked so… a little Vulgar”, “Elegant figure and a beautiful woman”, “She’s actually on vacation, there all half naked”, “Beautiful figure, but combined with the great, of course, vulgar”, “I guess you have a tail cyclists trudged”, “Forgot to wear a skirt!”, “Lena! How do you manage to stay in such great shape? Awesome figure! The dream of every man”, “Wants – Nude riding, wants – in bodysuit! You what’s the matter?” “All listen, with a good figure and naked can go. What a world!”, – arguing fans Fly in the comments to the photo.

      However, those who simply marveled luxurious body ex-leading “Revizorro” turned out to be more. In addition to the picture on the bike, Flying showed a photo in a red swimsuit that accentuates her beautiful form.

      “This is the Seychelles, look to the right – Paradise left Paradise! So today, everything went perfect, but ahead of the evening and something really interesting…” – shared the joyous emotions Elena.

      By the way, the active work of the famous blonde successfully combines with an equally intense preparations for the wedding. It was reported that the celebration will take place this summer.

      Presenter will be married in a dress like Kate Middleton

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