Elena Flying in the show “Revizorro” can replace the star of “the Bachelor”

Елену Летучую в шоу «Ревизорро» может заменить звезда «Холостяка»
Snejana Samokhina claims the title of chief restaurant inspector of the country.

Елену Летучую в шоу «Ревизорро» может заменить звезда «Холостяка»

Snejana Samokhina

Photo: Press service of “Friday!”

The winner of the reality show “pretty darling girl” Yulia Kovaleva,
ex-participants of the project “the Bachelor” and “the House-2” on TNT Snejana Samokhina
and Tatiana Kyrylyuk will compete for the opportunity to become the new host of the project
“Revizorro”. The girls, among other parties, have to go
the real test of strength to cope with their fears, ambitions and
to Express themselves in the most stressful and unexpected circumstances.

So, Tatiana Kirilyuk has already had to experience
the hospitality of the staff of a restaurant. Tomboy Yulia Kovaleva
was on a military obstacle course, and tried to keep
composure among her flying sharp objects. A former contestant on the heart
“the bachelor” came face to face with his biggest fear —the blazing fire.

Premiere of the project “School Revizorro” will be held on June 7
TV channel “Friday!”. On the same day will start voting for that
help Helen and Fly to the jury to determine the new host
fair TV show in the country.

Elena Letuchaya

Photo: Instagram