Elena explained why the daughter left home

Елена Проклова объяснила, почему дочь ушла из дома Popular actress accept the decision of the heiress. Now she began an independent life. Elena continues to live with her ex-husband under one roof.

      Елена Проклова объяснила, почему дочь ушла из дома

      Last summer, the famous actress Elena Proklova has surprised the public with unexpected news. After 30 years of happy married life with her third husband, businessman Andrei Trishina, she announced that she is splitting with her husband. The actress said that the reason why they decided to leave, was the fact that their marriage is completely exhausted itself, but because she sees no reason to continue the relationship. Proklova and Trishin raised a daughter Pauline. Now the girl is already 22 years old, and she decided to leave home. Elena remained nothing how to accept the desire of the daughter.

      “And I think that’s right. You need to build your life. She has a young man, they been together a long time, making plans for the future. He’s a wonderful, beautiful, they are such a striking pair. About the wedding until it is not. Everyone wants to start to build something in your own life to build a life in common. But that’s their business,” said Elena journalists.

      Now after the divorce Proklova looked at marriage from the other side. She believes that marriage should be the end result, not the beginning of a relationship. The actress with pleasure watching the development of the novel daughter and her chosen one, and with absolutely no urges young to go to the registry office. Proklova believes that, primarily, have important common interests, mutual understanding and goals, and only then – a stamp in the passport. Especially because Elena herself was faced with a situation where after many years she realized that she and her husband have no common ground.

      “To our parting with Andrew Pauline treated objectively, calmly. Said to me: “I don’t understand how you lived so long together. So different”. And somewhere daughter law. Just at some point it became clear that my husband and I are going in opposite directions. Then what’s the point in marriage? Just maintain a common household – not my style,” admitted Proklova.

      Despite the fact that divorce actress announced last summer that she still lives with her ex-husband under one roof. However, she is happy that she could be relieved of the heavy burden of outdated relationships.

      “And I’m not at all afraid after 30 years of marriage to leave. This, on the contrary, a great happiness. Was one bag with stones from the back and with the breast. Such ease. I think Andrei has the same feeling,” said Elena in an interview with Wday.ru.

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