Елена Дементьева и Максим Афиногенов стали родителями во второй раз Famous athletes accept congratulations. Tennis player Elena Dementieva and Maxim Afinogenov hockey player once again experienced the joy of parenthood. The newborn and his mother feel well.

      Елена Дементьева и Максим Афиногенов стали родителями во второй раз

      In the family of the player of hockey club “Vityaz” Maxim Afinogenov’s play and famous female tennis player Elena Dementieva has occurred the happy event. The couple became parents again. One of the most striking pairs is Russia’s second child was born. 34-year-old tennis player and her newborn feel good. Gender and name, exactly as other details of the baby’s life is still unknown.

      Recall that in 2014, when was born the first daughter of the stars of the sport, Dementieva Afinogenov and did not make this event a secret and shared the news publicly. The girl was born directly into Easter – April 20. A baby named Veronica. The congratulations message appeared on the website of the hockey club “Vityaz'”, where he plays the 36-year-old Afinogenov.

      “April 20 was born Veronika Maximovna. HC “Vityaz ‘” congratulates Maxim and his wife Helen with the birth of his daughter. Wish the baby the strength to grow strong, healthy, happy! To boldly walk through life, confident to overcome the difficulties, to overcome from any situation, to learn everything from their parents – and then happiness and success will be next,” wished colleagues Maxim and Elena.

      Interestingly, a Maxim for the first time tried himself as a coach. At the beginning of may in the ice Palace “Vityaz” honored master of sports of Russia held a master class for young hockey players. Exercises on the technique of possession stick, honing skills in the performance of the shootout – and that’s not all, taught the boys Afinogenov. Perhaps ahead of the athlete waiting for a brilliant coaching career, especially in the family will soon grow up worthy change.

      Recall, Dementieva and her partner officially registered their marriage on July 16, 2011. Up to this Maxim and Elena met for a long time – since the mid 2000-ies.

      “It just so happened that the first really met our parents. Was hockey match in Miami, and their seats in the stadium were there. They got to talking: “Oh, you have a daughter an athlete? And we have a son, the hockey player, born in 1979. Or maybe, along at the cottage shall we go?” When we came home, mom showed me a picture of Maxim and asked me if I wanted to meet him. But I strongly said, “No!” I’m not attracted to the sport-shift. It seemed to me, would be much more interesting if my boyfriend would be from some other sphere. And then I realized that nobody wouldn’t understand you, no one will be emotional closeness as a person who went through the same tests,” – said in an interview about her husband tennis player.

      Athletes, whenever possible, tried to attend each other’s games, but prefer not to advertise their relationship. And now they did not give publicity to the new circumstances of his life. Although the edition of Peopletalk it became known that the second birth Dementieva were known in the perinatal center “Lapino”.

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