Elena Bushina was in the hospital with children

Елена Бушина попала в больницу с детьми The star of “House-2” together with the heirs got the virus. Elena Bushina told followers on Instagram that the entire day is spent in medical institutions. Followers concerned about the state of cat and I wish her a speedy recovery.

Recently a former member of the home electroni countries Elena Bushina and his family returned to Moscow from a long journey across America. In the United States, the star couple spent several weeks, for which they had to try the local cuisine, to make shopping, swim in the ocean and to go on several excursions. However, upon arrival in Russia of the Lena, and her children – Mark and Laura – found virus. The woman put a post in the microblog, where he shared with the followers the details of the disease. Many fans of the celebrity suggested that poor health can be caused by acclimatization.

“The first thing to the hospital ran. In General, capital we caught all the virus. Instead of critiques of suitcases will be to attack the pharmacy,” – said the Bushina.

Blonde loves heirs, so he tried to cure them as quickly as possible and provide them with maximum comfort. A young mother went to a specialized children’s medical center so doctors could make an accurate diagnosis. I wonder what in the establishment even, there was a whole area for entertainment of kids. Mark and Laura immediately found something to do and a little distracted before the procedure.

The eldest son of Helen had to venture on tests. The boy behaved very courageously and did not show excitement. To support the relatives remained in office. “Markus, well, you’re a hero? Mark is a hero! He is not afraid to donate blood, unlike Mama’s,” cheered the heir to the Bushin.

Subscribers were upset that the family was unwell. They wished him a speedy recovery and advised to pay special attention to long-term sleep and proper nutrition. By the way, changing time zones yet still give travelers a good night’s sleep. Some users of the social network emphasized the maternal qualities of Helena, who always cares about their children.

“What a pity. Get well”, “What kind of virus? How to manifest? Not get sick!”, “Get well!”, “Helen, do not pharmacies should be attacked, and drinking the correct vitamin!”, Good job! Happy and smart!”, “Brought us a virus?”, “Get well soon! Experience,” comments the followers of the star of “House-2”.