Елена Бушина увозит покупки из Америки в 10 чемоданах The star of “House-2” it took a lot of space to take everything with them. Elena Bushina, the whole family went to the USA, where he stayed for a month and a half. After the birth of his daughter celebrity flew over the ocean on vacation.

      Елена Бушина увозит покупки из Америки в 10 чемоданах

      A month and a half ago, the star of “House-2” Elena Bushina, together with his family went to new York. They enjoyed the stay – saw the sights, spent time in nature, and also, apparently, a grandiose shopping. Now, she returns home with a huge Luggage.

      Way home and 10 suitcases,” – said Bushina their fans in the microblog.

      This celebrity caused a huge flurry of comments and discussion from followers of the former participant “Houses-2”. Someone was amazed at the amount of things that takes away a star, but someone decided that for the whole family 10 suitcases – not so much.

      “It’s always. Traveling with one suitcase, come back with five, “Life is not enough to understand”, “Okay to parse, to remember like,” said members of Helen.

      During the trip, Elena was posted to microblog their purchases.

      Елена Бушина увозит покупки из Америки в 10 чемоданах

      Apparently, Elena with her husband, two children and mother had a great time on the trip. Unlike many who go abroad and literally starting to fill up the social network account of the endless stream of pictures, Bushina only from time to time looked in “Instagram” to post pictures.

      “Watching all that happen infrequently in Instagram. I gave myself a break from social media, we’re fine. Rest, interested in American life, will soon go to travel. 10 days left to acclimatize, I personally did not like this failure,” – said in a microblog Bushina.

      By the way, the trip to the U.S. the family of Businas went after enchanting birthday daughter Laura. The girl was two years old, and my parents decided to arrange for her chic celebration. Star mom issued my daughter’s party in pink, and cross-cutting theme of the celebration was the heroine of a popular kids animated series “Peppa Pig”. Everywhere was an abundance of pink balloons, peonies in elegant baskets. The kids were entertained by animators in costume in peppa. The very same hero of the occasion appeared before his guests in a luxurious white dress. The eldest son of Businas made for his little sister touching toast.

      Elena Bushina celebrated two years heiress in pink color

      “Happy birthday, Laura, began her congratulations mark. I wish you all the happiness and good health. I sisters not seen. I love you very much”.

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