Elena Bushina responded to rumors of divorce with her husband

Елена Бушина ответила на слухи о разводе с мужем The star of “House-2” said that many spiteful critics have disseminated information about their breakup a few years ago. According to Elena Buchenau, she doesn’t know why people put forward such speculation.
Елена Бушина ответила на слухи о разводе с мужем

Ex-participant of TV project “Dom-2” Elena Bushina has denied rumors of divorce with her husband Mitya Ironstone. In February this year the couple celebrated seven years of marriage. Then in an exclusive interview with “StarHit” the pair talked about the quarrels and reconciliations, raising children, and how they share the family budget. Lena claimed that often tries to surprise her husband and Mitya pleasing favorite darling gifts.

The reason for gossip was the fact that Bushina recently stopped posting in Instagram pictures with her husband. The followers of the star of “House-2” became suspicious of the relationship between the spouses. Elena photographed alone or with children, sometimes in the company of friends.

“It is not true. Don’t know where they get these rumors. Me four years ago divorced her husband. Apparently people like this story” – said Bushina “StarHit”.

“Constantly having to be more flexible, pliable. A man needs to be a woman, to be able to smooth the corners. But everything comes with experience. In the beginning of the relationship we could have split every little thing in life,” admitted the star of telestroke.

Husband of Businas professionally are engaged in music. Recently iron ore have released the first song “Haunted”. For many fans of the pair’s debut Mitya was a surprise, but the man is preparing to release a full album.

“By the way, the girls immediately noticed that he was different from other artists. My husband has a certain charm and a trick: his voice sinks into the heart,” said the ex-participant of “House-2” in an interview.

Elena added that a few jealous fans MITI, however, support a spouse in the work and knows she will have to deal with increased attention from the fairer sex.

According to spouses, quarrels they occur rarely, Elena always comes first for reconciliation. Also Zheleznyak told me that never judged wife for taking part in a controversial project. “It is also certain work. But I don’t want to associate with the “House-2”, – said Mitya.

Elena’s husband Buchenau: “Hiding money in a sock”

In marriage the couple had two children, the eldest mark, and a younger Laura. “As soon as dad gets home from work, mark is already at the door: “What’d you get?” Since childhood spoiled him with all sorts of soldiers, kinder. Like a trifle, but still he was pleased. Now and sister taught them well”, spoke Bushina about her husband.