Elena Bushina noted two years heiress in pink

Елена Бушина отметила два года наследницы в розовом цвете The star of “House-2” threw a great feast in honor of the heiress. Elena Bushina invited to the party, Laura heroes of the animated series “Peppa Pig”. Older brother of Laura mark said after the sister touching toast.

      Елена Бушина отметила два года наследницы в розовом цвете

      The former participant “Houses-2” Elena Bushina, together with her husband Dmitry Zheleznyak has two children – son Mark and daughter Laura. Star project loves their children and indulge them with or without. And of course, Elena and her husband never skimp on the kids ‘ birthdays. Holidays kids, they are always satisfied with the scope and invention, entrusting their organisation to the professionals.

      Was no exception and the party to celebrate the second birthday of the little Laura, which was celebrated yesterday, may 21. Elena Bushina has published in the microblogging a detailed report about the day of the birth of a baby, which can be judged on how rasstaralsya the girl’s parents, wishing to please the kids.

      Star mom issued my daughter’s party in pink, and cross-cutting theme of the celebration was the character popular among kids of multiserial “Peppa Pig”. Portraits of rosy-cheeked beauty was decorated with children’s holiday. Everywhere was abundance rozovogo colors – pink balloons, pink peonies in a graceful pink baskets. The kids were entertained by animators in costume peppa. The very same hero of the occasion appeared before his guests in a luxurious white dress.

      Елена Бушина отметила два года наследницы в розовом цвете

      Among the guests at the feast were seen the children of ex-participants “Houses-2”. In particular, together with the elder brother of Laura and mark lit Theme Pynzar, who recently also acquired the status of elder brother. The five-year mark loves little sister and at the party said after her touching toast. Kept the kid very confidently and absolutely not shy numerous guests. “Happy birthday, Laura,” mark said. I wish you all the happiness and good health. I sisters not seen. I love you very much”. “Best toast”, – has signed a video featuring the son of Mark Elena Bushina. And subscribers stars “House-2” immediately agreed with her.

      It is worth noting that from the moment Elena Bushina got married, she began to worry things, not having any relation to get-togethers, parties and other social events. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” has decided to devote all his time to his family without being distracted by minor events. Elena Bushina I got wrapped up in worries about her son mark and daughter Laura. And apparently, it gives her true satisfaction and pleasure.

      Video published ElenaZByshina (@elenabushina) 21 May 2016 at 3:49 PDT

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