Елена Бушина исполнила зажигательный танец в бикини Eks-the participant “Houses-2” resting in Montenegro. Elena Bushina has demonstrated a perfect shape. Fans of the mother of two children think she looks stunning, what gives them a sense of envy.

      With the onset of autumn in microblogs stars hot pictures diminished. And if the summer is known for recognized beauties often indulged its fans with a beautiful photo from the beaches, cold rainy weather forced them to change the category posts.

      However, some members of the celebrity decided to extend their summer, going to have a rest on southern resorts in September. Elena Bushina family spends these days in one of the luxurious hotels in Montenegro, enjoying the sun, beautiful weather and luxurious surroundings. Don’t forget mother of two children demonstrate pleasure and dignity of their figures. Especially because Elena recently worked hard to improve the forms, trying to get rid of extra pounds.

      The former participant “Houses-2” has published in the microblog two short videos in which she performs the dance. Making simple movements, Elena kills two birds with one stone – shows your beautiful figure from different angles and gives everyone an opportunity to consider how successfully her dyed hair.

      However, Buchenau hair is the last thing you pay attention to those who is viewing the video. All focus on incredibly slim mill of the beauty of Helen.

      “Lena, you look great! And this is after two kids!”, “It’s very rude to look. Jealous all the same”, “You’re gorgeous”, “Lena, nice figure, clever!”, “You can see forever”, “to be So slim, of course, need to work on it and work on yourself and your body!”, “Well done, Lena, babe. Example of figure thinking, “wow, you Look great, have two, and be in such form!”, – showered with compliments, the star of “House-2” her fans.

      It is worth noting that Elena Bushina can be considered a role model not only in work but also in relation to his family and to the duties of a wife and a mom. From the moment she married, she began to worry things have no relation to get-togethers, parties and other social events.

      Lena Bushina explained why he abandoned girlfriends

      Eks-the participant “Houses-2” has decided to devote all his time to his family without being distracted by minor events. Elena Bushina for the family restricted, even communicate with friends. In her opinion, exactly what should the woman who cherishes her family.