Elena Bushina complained about the scandals in the family

Елена Бушина пожаловалась на скандалы в семье The star of “House-2” shares with followers in Instagram parts of parenting. It turns out that little Laura and mark quarrel frequently. Fortunately, Elena Buchenau conflicts usually don’t last long.

      Former member of the home electroni countries Elena Bushina and her husband Dmitry Zheleznyak loved in the heirs. Earlier, the parents were told that children grow up very different, but both talented and active. Also the guys have shown character. Apparently, for this reason, between kids, occasionally there are disagreements. In the microblog star mom told subscribers about what was the cause of recent tears daughter.

      “What different emotions in the morning. Laura is crying because she is the only mom to sleep. Mark woke up in the bed with us, he made his way quietly. My tongue on one side of the endless scandals in children. Ten minutes later, things got better,” wrote the celebrity.

      It should be noted that the spouses themselves and also fight sometimes. But not so often as in the beginning of the relationship. Lena and Mitya told in an exclusive interview with “StarHit” that I try not to swear for the household stuff and smooth corners to avoid conflict situations. The woman confessed that teaches itself to be more flexible and pliable, to be able to remain silent.

      Elena’s husband Buchenau: “Hiding money in a sock”

      Interestingly, the heirs of the pair also tries to teach compromise. Young people explain to the children that a quarrel to anything will not lead, it is always better to have constructive dialogue and try to hear each other. However, occasionally they do give in to emotions and conflict with kids. For example, Bushina said Brand chief authority – the Pope. So sometimes she quarrels with her son who doesn’t obey. Laura, too, are difficulty – it is very changeable. A girl can be in a good mood and play quietly and then abruptly start a fight with his brother and throwing things.

      Informed Mitya told me that causes of conflict are many, but not necessarily that they will lead to quarrel. In addition, the lovers try not to delay the reconciliation and to move towards each other. Some change in the status of man relates to the fact that it refers to a difficult sign of the zodiac.

      “The occasion may be quite different. Often Lena shows her femininity and wisdom, and the first goes to be reconciled. Well, I can also come up if he was wrong, but not usually right. I’m Aries, so I can be a lot – a hard-nosed,” – said Zheleznyak.