Елену Бушину сравнили с Викторией Боней The former participant of “House-2” decided on a bold experiment. Elena Bushina has sparked debate about its new image. Fans were able to appreciate its transformation, although initially staining results were very surprising.

      Ex-participant reality show “House-2” Elena Bushina decided to experiment with their own appearance. She wanted to change the color of hair to remain blonde, but repainted in a different hue. However, not without provocation – Elena has published in the microblog and was asked to comment on her new look. On photo ex-member of the famous electroni appeared with bleached head and not the roots.

      Fans did not hide that is dissatisfied with the results of her transformation. “Personally, I think that absolutely is not”, “I Hope this is a joke” “No! No! No! Is not the hair color. Awful. Elena, you beauty, bring back your original hair color! Good luck to you!” – responded to followers on Twitter.

      But then it turned out that Bushina decided to make a joke – it showed only one of the stages of dyeing. She tried to play the fans, but didn’t expect it would cause such a response. Actually now Elena’s “cool” shade of blonde. She is very happy with the result and were quick to show followers the result of visiting a beauty salon. However, fans have compared her to another famous ex-participant reality show – Victoria Bonneuil. Not so long ago, she also decided on a transformation and turned from the redhead to the blonde.

      “A bit more will appreciate the photo. Guys, thanks for the comments , I get chills. You need to change, to try different styles and images. It’s so interesting every time,” wrote Elena in the microblog.

      This picture caused a very different reaction from her followers. Fans praised Busine for such a well-chosen color and a new haircut, which she. They are not stingy with compliments in her address. “Actually, awesome, stylish! Don’t know who may not like it, and someone suffered delirium about that you with a light older – it’s all nonsense. Super”, “of Course, it is interesting to vary about the treatment only not to forget! The hair is great! The color is also very suitable!”, “Oh my God, what a beautiful hair! And the color is unreal. Master with Golden hands! It suits you, refreshes live” – admired members of Helena.

      The former participant of the reality show said that it did in the wizard to achieve such a result. Bushina can’t stop look at the updated hair.