Elena Borschev’s going to become a mother with many

Елена Борщева готовится стать многодетной матерью In this case ex-member Comedy Woman hopes to obtain land. Elena Borschev wants to experience the joy of motherhood for the third time and move into their own home in the city.

      Елена Борщева готовится стать многодетной матерью

      Exactly one year ago, on 1 April 2015, was born the youngest daughter of Elena Borscheva and Valery Yushkevich, my parents named me an unusual name Mind. Ex-member Comedy Woman still laughs at the irony. Then on April fool’s Day nobody believed that Elena wasn’t kidding when I wrote in the microblog that gives birth.

      Today Borschev already used to parenting two children at the same time, so she thought about the birth of the third. The actress thinks strategically – she knows the status of mothers of large families will ensure her a substantial bonus from the state. Perhaps because of the little star will be able to exercise their long-standing desire.

      “Two daughters are not planning to stay. Three women in the family, now it’s your turn son. Need to balance the books, our dad was easy. Before the birth of the Minds we had the idea to build your house of dreams not refuse, but still delayed. Maybe that will happen as content is added, and feasible, for the third child just as the parent capital give the land,” explains Elena.

      Interestingly, Borshchev does not hide – she managed to get pregnant with IVF. She resorted to this method contrary to popular belief that it can be dangerous for the expectant mother. By the way, according to unconfirmed reports, there were cases when IVF gave women even brain cancer. “Only when faced with this procedure, find out how many people have a negative attitude to it. As a public man, considered it his duty to openly tell that used it and it’s OK!”, – says the star.

      Meanwhile, childbirth and postpartum recovery period were Elena without special problems. She came out of the decree rather quickly. When the Mind was only three months old, she returned to the profession – became a culinary stand-up show “Cook-ha-ha” and give workshops “How to develop a sense of humor.”

      “Left the baby with her husband, recalls Borshchev in an interview with “Woman’s day”. – Valera warmed expressed breast me milk and fed her every two hours. In the evening called and said, “Lena, when will you be back?” I remember telling this story to friends, and they ask “how long are you gone?” Answer: “seven Hours”. “Seven? Our husbands alone with the kids after an hour howling and crying, Valera is a hero,” said the girl.”

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