Elena borscheva explained the reason for the departure from Comedy Woman

Елена Борщева объяснила причину ухода из Comedy Woman
Today, 12 April, a famous actress Elena borscheva birthday.

Елена Борщева объяснила причину ухода из Comedy Woman

36-year-old star was able to conquer the audience with his sparkling humor.

Nearly four years, Elena was the star of the show Comedy Woman.

But in 2012 decided to leave the program and start a solo career.

And here after five years Borschev decided to clarify the situation with care.

“By the way, when I left Comedy Woman, many began to say that it happened due to the fact that I quarreled with other participants. I’m tired of denying all these conversations. Repeatedly said: “blame – the crisis of the image of my heroine Helena Julevna!” But it is a little believed. But no serious conflicts with the girls I never had. Of course, there were some misunderstandings. But they were only for work. We still communicate and when meeting always glad to see each other,” said Elena.

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