Elena Borscheva credited with the third pregnancy

Елене Борщевой приписывают третью беременность The actress has long hinted that he wants to have another child. On the eve of the premiere of “the Grandmother of easy virtue” Elena appeared in a dress that emphasized changing its shape. Is the celebrity tries not to discuss this topic.

Actress Elena borscheva attended the premiere of the film “Grandma of easy virtue.” The Joker appeared on the red carpet in a Navy blue satin mid-length dress. She was accompanied by her husband, Valery Yushkevich. As noted by some witnesses that outfit too comfortable rounded belly actress. Some have concluded that a woman is pregnant for the third time. “StarHit” contacted Elena to clarify information.

“I don’t want to comment on it,” said star.

Elena was left in awe of the film by Marius Weisberg. She noted that the Comedy was very funny and thanked his counterpart, Alexander Revva, sparkling game. The actor is reincarnated on the screen in an elderly woman. Character Revva Sasha had to escape from his pursuers, so he chose the image of the old woman, as in this form it is easier to avoid the “tail”. Maria Kozhevnikova first came out since the baby was born

The last time Borschev prefers wide outfits, not formfitting. During a recent trip to the Caucasus Borschev bathed in the local springs. Pictures in a bikini were taken from the back or from afar.

We will remind, ex-member Comedy Woman repeatedly said that would like to become a mother for the third time. According to Borshchova, it’s time to give birth to a son, as they have in the family to present the female Kingdom. The second heir to the stars was born in the spring of 2015. Before conceiving the baby, the woman decided to go for IVF treatment. She admitted to journalists that there is nothing to be ashamed of. Borschev wanted to show by example: do not be afraid of artificial insemination. After the appearance of a baby she shared the joy with the public.

“We Valera came to the conclusion that the Mind is very similar to Marta, just a hair darker, apparently I went. Eldest daughter is happy sister. Helps her to bathe, looks like the Mind is asleep. Sang her a song about angels that she learned in choir. Assistant I already have”, – told the artist “StarHit”.

According to Borshchova, the first time she is slightly jealous of the parents to Mind, but then I realized that mom and dad love both equally. By the way, the eldest daughter Elena is already actively blog, and this summer made her debut as a model on a children’s show in Moscow.