Elena borscheva called the true cause of departure from Comedy Woman

Елена Борщева назвала истинную причину ухода из Comedy Woman The Joker explained why he left the show. Elena Borschev said goodbye to the team of the popular Comedy project in 2012. It was even rumoured that she had a misunderstanding with the other participants. The artist decided to give details about the incident.

      Famous comedian and actress Elena borscheva today celebrates its birthday. The star turned 36 years old. The artist, who began his career on stage with the participation in the KVN games, gained its popularity amongst fans of subtle humor. About four years celebrity was part of the show Natalia Eprikyan Comedy Woman. The Joker portrayed on stage is a ridiculous athlete. However, in 2012 she left the group to pursue a solo career.

      Then there were rumors that Borschev quarreled with the other girls from the transmission. The representatives of the channel did not give any comments about the scandal, explaining that Elena just ended a contract with a Comedy show. Five years later, the star explained why he made that decision.

      “By the way, when I left Comedy Woman, many began to say that it happened due to the fact that I quarreled with other participants. I’m tired of denying all these conversations. Repeatedly said: “blame – the crisis of the image of my heroine Helena Julevna!” But it is a little believed. But no serious conflicts with the girls I never had. Of course, there were some misunderstandings. But they were only for work. We still communicate and when meeting always glad to see each other,” explained Borschev.

      As Elena says, she does not feel conflicted person. All the situations the actress tried to solve in a peaceful way. However, some people did not justify the trust of a celebrity. She had to face the deception by a close friend.

      “I too had errors: I have not once betrayed. I at first glance did not immediately determine whether the person to trust. Sometimes, it seems, believe that this friend will never do the trick, but time goes by and it turns out that you were wrong,” said Borshchev journalists Sobesednik.ru.

      According to Elena, with men it is almost not friendly. The star admits he does not see in it sense, as she has her beloved husband and children. Comedian raising two daughters: 8-year-old Martha and 2-year-old Mind. Since the morning relatives and friends congratulate the celebrity a holiday and wish happiness and prosperity in the family.