Elena Biryukova accidentally found out about his terrible diagnosis

Елена Бирюкова случайно узнала о своем страшном диагнозе
The actress spoke about how he survived the operation to remove the tumor.

Elena Biryukova

Photo: freeze-frame of the program “million dollar Secret”

Elena Biryukova took part in the show “the Secret to a million” with Leroy Kudryavtseva. In the program, the actress spoke in detail about a very difficult period in my life. At the age of 31, during a routine visit to the gynecologist she was diagnosed with cancer.

“It was a terrible story. Just came to the gynecologist because I was a year and a half, and yield in to get tested, do an ultrasound, and so on. And when I did ultrasound found a cyst in the ovary. I immediately said, “You know you have a cyst, and 50% that it’s cancer!” — says Biryukov. In that moment, she had a three year old daughter — Alexandra.

Then the swelling, according to the artist, appeared in the second ovary, and to a much larger size. After consulting with another doctor, Elena decided to have surgery. She admitted that in the process of examination before surgical intervention was terrified and suffered from loneliness.

It so happened that the only member of the family, volunteered to help her was her grandmother, who stayed home with her daughter Helena. Neither the husband — Alexey Litvin, neither the mother nor sister could not support her after surgery. Fortunately, after was carried out and histology revealed that the tumor was benign and life Biryukova after surgery was not threatened. After the disease is Elena ended the relationship with her husband.

More than five years ago, she again found happiness. Biryukova decided to connect their lives with the businessman by Ilya Horoshilovym, which in 2012 gave a daughter, Aglaia.