Elena Berkova married with her husband in Cyprus

Елена Беркова обвенчалась с супругом на Кипре Star couldn’t decide on this mystery. In late August of 2017 Elena Berkova and Andrey Stoyanov officially got married. Now, however, the lovers decided to seal the relationship and in the Church.

Elena Berkova and Andrey Stoyanov considered to be one of the most scandalous star couples. Lovers often share candid photos and do not hesitate to publicly show feelings. That is why the desire of people to get married was a big surprise for her fans.

Berkova admitted that the accomplishment of the sacrament was for her a very important step, and she could not make a decision on it. Now, however, the young woman feels absolutely happy.

“It was a very serious decision, we long to it went. Perhaps we just adore to marry. But I’m incredibly lucky, because there are so handsome”, – shared his emotions Elena.

Later chosen Berkova actor Andrei Stoyanov posted a joint with his wife. In the Church, Elena has appeared in a modest dress with a kerchief on her head, but later dressed in a rather candid see-through dress of white color. Fans praised the star for his courage, noting that the outfit perfectly highlights her figure.

Apparently, the couple decided to combine a holiday in Ayia NAPA wedding. In a few days Andrew and Helen have posted photos from the beaches and from the hotel in Cyprus. Judging by the last couple posts in the microblog in their relationship now there is complete harmony.

By the way, the wedding of the loving couple also went abroad. Elena officially became the wife of Andrew in Italy. For such an important event, a young woman chose a white dress with a deep neckline. The ceremony was attended by only a few friends of lovers. Recall that prior to this, the adult film star went under three times the crown.

Elena Berkova remarried in Italy

Now / with her husband regularly records videos of a provocative nature, which puts in Instagram. Fans have long been accustomed to the peculiar sense of humor of a star, not forgetting to praise her for her courage. “A beautiful couple. I wish you happiness”, “Lena has a great body, and if her husband approves of her candid images, then let it continues to maintain its provocative image”, “I Love these two. For them it’s nice to see such sincere,” share their opinion about new posts actress her fans on social networks.

Andrey Stoyanov does not get tired to admire the sexiness and sense of humor of his wife. Their relationship began in 2014, and since then, the lovers are literally inseparable. According to the portal Super.ru recently, Helena decided to prove the strength of their feelings against husband a very peculiar way. She filmed and posted a video of erotic nature, which also involved her husband.